Free information on Dreadnought Guitars

Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

There are so many Guitars out there to choose from so I’m going to try and help you out a bit. Here is a list of an excellent assortment of quality Dreadnought Guitars and a brief description of each.

Breedlove D 20 – This is an excellent choice for Bluegrass players and Flatpickers. Slightly smaller than a standard guitar this is a good choice for slightly smaller people. It has a nice, rich sound and is easy to play.

Masterbilt EF-500M – This guitar has a full body abalone binding, and a dovetail neck joint. Great for classical and soft rock songs, and is made of solid mahogany wood.

Hummingbird Custom KOA – Manufactured by the innovative Gibson Guitar company this is great for Blues, Indie and Jazz music. It also features a thin frame that provides excellent sound for live performance.

Ibanez IJV50 Quickstart – This is a very affordable yet quality sounding acoustic guitar. Good for classic rock specifically the type that has an acoustic quality to it. It also works good for Bluegrass.

Martin HD28 – Made of solid rosewood, with a mahogany neck, and a Sitka Spruce top. It has a very powerful sound for playing concerts. To enable more vibration of the top the Martin company used their famous scalloped-X braces. Great for Country Music, the Blues, and Bluegrass.

Takamine GS330S – This one is great for most types of music. It’s an easy to handle, lightweight instrument with a soft and tender sound.

Yamaha FG700S – With a solid Sitka top, this one is great for beginners. Good for a general sound of any music type. It’s made of Mahogany and has a natural finish.

Guild JF30-12 – Great for Classical and Bluegrass types of music, this baby features 12 strings, and packs a rich full sound. The fingerboard and bridge are made of Rosewood.

Martin DX-1 – Complete with Mahogany back and sides for enhanced resilience. It’s good for Blues, Rock, and Country music playing. Especially with it’s strong resonant sound.

Garrison AG-600 – This Dreadnought guitar has a clear rich sound to it, but is a little quieter than most. It may not be optimum for performance but excellent for private practice. Stays in tune for a while and has a strong durable finish.