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Martin Backpack Guitar

The Martin Backpack Guitar is a lightweight, convenient, and easy to carry guitar. It is perfect for travel because it does not take up a lot of space. It can easily fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane. They usually include padded gig bags and a strap as well. Made to endure even some of the harshest of environments such as hiking and camping. There are four different kinds of backpacker guitars that Martin has made over the years. There is the Steel String Backpacker, the Classic Backpacker, the Backpacker Mandolin, and the Backpacker Ukelele. Unfortunately they no longer manufacture the Backpacker Ukelele. These backpack guitars only weigh around 2 pounds or 4.4 Kilograms. It could easily be used as a beginner guitar because it is easy to reach around, and resilient to those times when we hit our guitar against something forgetting how big it is. Which is also another good point that it is easier to walk around with while playing or just going from place to place. Due to it’s  smaller size a Martin Backpack Guitar is not going to sound the exact same as a regular sized guitar. However the sound is still rich and clear, and surprisingly big for coming out of such a small non electric instrument. Because of the shape it is best and most comfortable to play these types of guitars while wearing the strap. While the Backpacker is by no means a replacement to a standard guitar it will serve you well if you’re a beginner, and or are looking for a guitar to travel around with and practice on the road.