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Martin Backpacker Guitar

Out in the woods enjoying nature can be a wonderful experience. Imagine that the sun has just gone down and you’re sitting around a nice warm campfire with all of your best friends. The marshmallows and sticks are being passed around and somebody is getting the chocolate and graham crackers. What could make this experience better? What if one of your buddies had a guitar that they could whip out and play. Well a regular full sized acoustic guitar might work out alright in this situation but what would probably work better is a Martin Backpacker Guitar. These babies come in a variety of different colors and are perfect instruments for travel. They take up significantly less space than full size guitars and still manage to sound very good.

Although the performance of backpackers isn’t as good as that of standard dreadnought guitars they are designed for the same purpose. Think about how much fun it would be to play your favorite types of music up in the canyon with your friends or family. Everyone can sing a long or just enjoy the beautiful melodies that you’re providing. These guitars are especially great if you have to hike a long way to your campsite or if you’re traveling somewhere far, but want to keep up with your guitar practice. Just like everything else they make, Martin’s Backpacker Guitars are made with high quality materials.